InteractivE NEurorehabilitaitIon systems

T. Rikakis, A. Kelliher, H. Sundaram, Todd Ingalls, Loren Olson, Jia-Bin Huang, S.L. Wolf, et. al (2003 – ongoing); Interactive Neurorehabilitation Systems and Applications;

o Principal Investigator


T. Rikakis, L. Olson, D, Tinnaple, H. Sundaram; online tools for student and faculty exploration of interdisciplinary, user-driven curricula; developed for the digital culture curriculum at ASU (2009-ongoing);

o Principal Investigator


T. Rikakis, Trisha Brown, Bill T. Jones, Paul Kaiser, Roger Reynolds, Curtis Bahn, Gang Qian  et al. Motione, presented at Monaco Dance Forum (2006), Lincoln Center (2004), Nelson Fine Arts Center (2004);

o Project Co-Director, co-lead of concept development and project management, participated in development of movement analysis and interactive engine components